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Manga Workshop Reservation

This Workshop is for beginners that want to approach and learn how to draw with the Manga art style!

The topics that we are going to focus on are:

- how to draw figures and faces;

- the structure/manikin of the human body;

- the lines of force.


Everyone is welcome from 12 years old, for a limit of 15 participants. Papers and pencils will be provided.

If you are interested please see down below the form to reserve your spot or email!


Saturday 1st February 2020

From 2:15PM to 4:45PM - £25


At Turf Projects Unit within Croydon Arts Store in Croydon’s Whitgift Shopping Centre

(Address: 46-47 Trinity Court, Whitgift Centre, Croydon CR0 1UQ, London)

The closest station is East Croydon!


Please bring some of your drawings with you, so I can understand you and your style better!

I hope to see you there!


For further information please email



About me:


 A little introduction about me:

Hello! I'm Fed, but you may know me as Febesketchbook, my instagram account name. I've been studying art and design since high school, but my real passions has always been comics and Illustrations, so I've been studying them after school as a private course. I took a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design first and a Master’s Degree in Comic Art soon after.

I funded the artists collective "Cuori d'inchiostro" (a.k.a InkHearts) back in Italy in 2009, and I've been working as a designer and illustrator/comic artist freelance since. Three year ago I moved to London to start my design career, but I've been always working on my illustrations and comics as a freelancer too.


During the last year I developed my own brand, Hello Monster, with the Candy Monster as a mascotte, using mostly the "kawaii" (cute) manga art style to design stickers, badges and enamel pins.